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How I'm Giving Away Over $188,000 Worth Of High Ticket Affiliate Licenses...
Who Else Wants Me Doing All The Work Splitting Over $70K In Commissions?
With 22 years of experience behind me, this online "thing" just works for me - so you can either become me OR you can surf off the back of my experience and plug right into my efforts and my online business.
CASESTUDY: I've Saved Over 178 People From The Horrors Of Blogging, Making Videos & Posting 5 Times Per Day On Social Media...
Seriously, how long are you going to buy into this busy and broke method the other "goo-roos" are telling you?

I mean, how long can you do videos, blogging and social media trolling before you give up because you've earned ZERO in profits online?
"And Get This, Some Of The Goo Roos Are Even Telling You To Prospect One-On-One Using Facebook? OMG NO !!!!"
My "Affiliate License" can save you all the heart-ache from being mislead on how profits are REALLY being made online.

Are you ready for me to shoot straight with you?
"I Succeed Online Simply Because I Do The Work, Period - So What IF You Could Piggy-Back Off Of My Experience?"
That's right, I DO the work required - and I crush it online!

Here's just a few of the things I do daily/weekly to earn massive affiliate profits online...
  • I build relationships with my leads daily (email, video, social media)
  • I email my list multiple times per day
  • I do webinars and educate my leads/prospects
  • I post videos on YouTube
  • I do audio/podcasting
  • I blog
  • I do Facebook Advertising
  • I do YouTube Advertising
  • I talk to my leads when/if they call me on the phone (say what?) YES
  • And more...

What if you could simply plug into my efforts?

What if a lead on my "list" was tagged to you (for life) and whenever I made a sale to that prospect, we split the high ticket commissions right down the middle.

50/50 commission splits on over $70,000 !

Yup, you heard that right - that's exactly what I'm offering you here.

And you NEVER have to pay the $188,000+ of high ticket affiliate licenses that I'm invested in.
Stop Being Busy & Broke: Even If You ARE Invested In Any Of The Top Online High Ticket Affiliate Programs, I'll Bet You STILL Struggle...
Oh man it's painful, I see this all the time...

People invest in a $5,000, $10,000, even a $60,000+ program and, they make ZERO profits.

NOT because high ticket affiliate marketing doesn't' work NO, it's because they (you?) just dove into a swimming pool with a brick tied to their back, and they don't know how to swim (yet).

However, after 22 years of actually "doing" this - I have it down pat.

It's natural for me - I know what works and I just do it.

And, like an idiot I "tried" to teach it for years and - frankly it's HARD to transfer 22 years of experience to a new online business owner.

It took me years (15+ years) just to get a handle on the psychology alone.

Yes, successful online marketing and profits requires that you learn some serious social psychology - I love it, I do it and it works for me.

Yet many (you?) struggle (well I did too for years) and it's not fun.

Especially for the average person who already has obligations, a full time job, family, bills, etc.

It's like YOU want the high ticket profits but they didn't tell you it was like adding an additional full time job to your already busy life.
"What If, Just What IF I Were To License Myself, My Talents, My Skills Out To You And Share My Profits With You?"
This idea to license myself to YOU hit me like a ton of bricks...

I suddenly realized that the number ONE way to help YOU, is to do it for you.

Forget learning, mentoring, guiding, coaching (god forbid)...

My Mentor Once Said...

"If you are teaching something that can be explained by something else you are getting in the way of the message"

So I thought to myself, what if I STOP trying to teach others to be like me (with my 22 years of experience) and instead, just let them plug into my efforts?

...What if I just let YOU plug into what I'm doing - literally surf off the back of my already established success and online systems?

Um, WOW - a revelation for sure!

Instead what if you can learn all of this by just watching - set back and watch the profits come in; get more involved when I "show you the money" so to speak?
Here's How You Can License Everything I Do: And Watch Me Do The Work For You, Splitting The Profits From My Efforts & $188,000+ Of Investments...
This entire "Affiliate License" concept is dead nuts simple...
"I Earn Over $70,000+ In Commissions From Promoting The Top 5 High Ticket Programs Online (& Here's How To Get Your Cut)"
I could NOT have made this any simpler for you.

I took on the risk of investing $188,000 in the top 5 high ticket affiliate programs.

They are: 

- MOBE (My Own Business Education)
- SAN (The Super Affiliate Network)
- DA (Digital Altitude)
- TiDOM (Time Freedom Team)
- PPP (Pure Profit Pro)

I built the infrastructure, I do the work daily.

All you have to do, is get access to my "Affiliate License" and get leads tagged to you in my system - and OMG it's so freaking easy.

In fact, I show you exactly where to go get leads that have already raised their hand and said, they want to get into business online.

These leads are literally here waiting for you to introduce them to me...and my automated system(s).

No blogging, No video production, No social media trolling, No complex Facebook or YouTube advertising...NO NO NO!

You simply send a lead to my list (I provide all the pages, followup, everything done for you) -- you don't have to setup a thing; just get a lead and send to my page(s).

Don't know HOW or WHERE to get leads? NO Worries!!!

I'll give you access to my premiere online rolodex called...
Buying Leads 101
"BONUS #1: I'll Give You Unlimited Access To My Buying Leads 101 Course/Rolodex"
Seriously, it's as easy as 1-2-3...

I show you exactly where (and how) to get "hot & bothered" leads to send to any of the custom pages (funnels) I give you.

And forget all the marketing mumbo-jumbo speak (funnels, conversions, pixels, blah blah blah) - you simply direct this person to get on my list (my pages actually do that for you) and that "lead" is tagged to you for life in my system.

Then I simply go to work, doing what I do - following up, converting leads to sales.

Like I've said - when that person buys any of the high ticket programs I've invested over $188K in, then we split the commission ($70K+ across 5 programs).

And, the sources I share with you have an unlimited number of leads; ENDLESS!

How much time do you have to invest in doing this weekly?

Um, like 5-10 minutes...SERIOUSLY!

So where do you send these leads?

I'm also giving you access to my...
Affiliate Funnels Club
"BONUS #2: I'll Give You Unlimited Access To My Affiliate Funnels Club (Freaking Awesome!)"
I succeed because I generate leads weekly and build my prospect list.

I do that by building high converting online offers that entice willing prospects to connect with me, share their info and let me guide them.

Once on my list via any of my high converting "funnels" (all done-for-you inside my Affiliate Funnels Club) then I go to work and start the relationship-building & selling process << this is where I excel !!!

I wasn't kidding when I said "done-for-you" was I...

So, how easy is that - I show you "how and where" to get leads with my "Buying Leads 101" course and then I give you ALL of the funnels and pages you need to get those leads on my list, tagged to you using my "Affiliate Funnels Club".

But what if you need help, support, have a question...
Full Support & Hand Holding IF You Need It: Get Unlimited Access To ME In My Private Facebook Group And Our Thursday Night Team Calls...
"You'll Never Have To Wonder What To Do Next, I'll Show You Step-By-Step"
Even though I've simplified this entire online business process...

You still may need help, support or one-on-one guidance.

And I provide that in two ways.

1.) I'll give you full access to my private Facebook group, where I answer questions and support LIVE, you won't have to rely on the blind leading the blind like other groups you're a member of - NO, I'll personally be there to give the best support possible.

2.) Every Thursday night @9pm ET I go live and focus on getting the entire Affiliate License team profitable. I show you exactly what to do and we have a live Q&A session (fully recorded if you can't be there live).

Plus, we meet live and in person at events throughout the year (we even have
t-shirts for the team members LOL) and trust me, we get serious and we also have a ton of fun hanging out in person.
Here's How You Join Me
"Are You Ready To Become An Affiliate Licence Holder And Take A Look Inside My Multi-Million-Dollar Online Business?"
There are three (3) Affiliate License levels...

Affiliate License Level (1) - You get access to my full "MOBE" affiliate commissions which was a $60K+ investment - with a 50% split on commissions of $22,600.
Affiliate License Level (1)
MOBE Split Of $22,600
Affiliate License Level (2) - You get access to my full "MOBE" + "SAN" affiliate commissions which was a $105K+ investment - with a 50% split on commissions of $33,100.
Affiliate License Level (2)
MOBE + SAN Split Of $33,100
Affiliate License Level (3) - You get access to all 5 high ticket offers "MOBE" + "SAN" + "DA" + "TiDOM" + "PPP" affiliate commissions which was a $188K+ investment - with a 50% split on commissions of $71,100.
Affiliate License Level (3)
ALL Offers Split Of $71,100
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